Telecafé abre importante convocatoria de fomento a la industria de la Televisión

(Manizales, 12 April 2017) La invitación está dirigida principalmente a las casas productoras independientes de televisión de la Región Cafetera de Colombia.

Among the major investments that have for Telecafé Canal 2017, It is hiring seven documentary series focusing on aspects of coffee culture, from technological through historical accounts, gastronomy, to the environmental.

The purpose with this series of programs is to reach more and new audiences inside and outside the country, providing an opportunity for producers and filmmakers to show these issues from different perspectives.

The package offered includes documentary series in the coffee Etnias; Inclusion in the Coffee; Young boys, Technology and Innovation in the Coffee; Myths and Legends from the Coffee; Flora and Fauna in the Coffee; Gastronomy in the Coffee and Coffee Cultural Landscape.

The Channel Manager Telecafé, Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie reiterated the call to participate in this important call.

"We invite the audiovisual content production houses Caldas, Quindio and Risaralda to participate with their proposals on the development and production of these spaces, which they are a great opportunity to showcase our culture; also to project our signal through a different way of doing television, fresh and dynamic concepts that meet the needs of today's market ", Giraldo Hincapie said.

The resources provided for these productions exceed 1300 million and are awarded by the National Television Authority ANTV.

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Telecafé opens important call for promotion of industry Television