Telecafé apoyó el evento 500 empresas que hacen grande  a Risaralda.

The launch of the new edition was made by the newspaper El Diario in Expofuturo Pereira.

Telecafé was with his technical team covering live and live programming such activity, where employees of the Company took the opportunity to socialize some activities to be undertaken within the framework of the 25 years held the Canal next 25 October.

The theme of this release is based on corporate social responsibility; five awards to different companies in the region were presented to highlight its management.

"We have endeavored to highlight what many companies are doing to pay the debt we all have with nature, with the environment, society and the use of resources ", Luis Carlos Ramirez expressed Múnera, Rotary manager.

The companies were Pacoa Travel condecoradas, in the category new ideas that change the world. Alberto VO5 education that changes the world. Aguas y Aguas de Pereira by companies who care the world. Audifarma in the category companies holding the world and recognition Javier Ramirez Gonzales Frisby.

"This meeting is very important because it is not just a place to share knowledge and ideas among entrepreneurs, sino que es un espacio propicio para conocer experiencias de iniciativas para crear empresa”, Luz Adriana Arias said, attending the event.

In turn the manager Telecafé, Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie highlighted the importance of this event that recognizes the best of Risaralda entrepreneurship.

Telecafé supported the event 500 companies doing great in Risaralda.