Telecafé celebra 26 años

For this commemoration directives and production equipment preparing a transmission, releases some productions and updating the website; more agile, dynamic and better content.

On Friday 19 October Telecafé programming starts from Armenia with her fiddling with programs called The Yipao, take Note, Hello Axis, Diverti2, Area 53 and Telecafé News, all transmitted from the Quindio Capital.

"We have an act of protocol where we invited the regional authorities, will be brief, but with all the love in the world, to recognize the work of Media Television most important in the region, which has been giving significant results in content, administrative and financial issues. This event will be broadcast on social networks ", He said Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie, Channel manager Telecafé.

The same official stressed that commemorate the 26 Telecafé years, October has been a month of important premieres.

"Large productions like Human Nature, Photographer behind have been planned this month, We entered with novels in our programming as the case Secrets Journal and 18 October premiered Mind Games, also other products like No differences were come, The Great Inventor and are working on the history of Black Charrito, among other high bill ", He said.

Forum on Public Television:

As part of the celebration of the 26 Telecafé years a forum on public television which is expected to be held with the presence of Ernesto Orozco Orozco, Governorates representative to the National Television Board, will share Set with leading academics in the region as a teacher and lecturer on media, Jorge Eduardo Urrea; Mauricio Vera Sánchez, who he has been dean of faculties of communication and has led major research projects and teaching and research at the University of Manizales, Richard Millán, The forum will be held from the Plaza de Bolivar Armenia from 10: 30 in the morning.

Telecafé News also made a special coverage from the city of Armenia, highlighting the history of the Canal along its 26 years.

The manager finally remembered the wonderful experience it has been for her, be in front of a TV station committed to social profitability and during its history has established itself as the leading integrated tool Caldas, Quindio and Risaralda.

"We thank all who have made this dream that is the most vivid expression of our, the National Board of Television and ANTV that to have a small taste of how important they have been, this year alone transferred over us 11.477 millions of pesos, and of course thanks to viewers that they do heart ", He concluded Giraldo Hincapie.

Telecafé celebrates 26 years