The accountability of the term 2016, the profits generated stands out for more than 300 million pesos at year end, the commitment contained in social networking and digital, además del apoyo al fomento de la producción audiovisual de la región a través de convocatorias públicas financiadas con recursos de la Autoridad Nacional del Televisión.

As stated by the manager of Canal, Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie, "At the end of 2016, Assets totaled Telecafé $19.310,6 millions. These assets are backed with some liabilities $3.354,2 million and Heritage $15.954,4 millions, to this effect net income of was obtained 397 million pesos approximately, overcoming the losses that had occurred in previous years "

Similarly from the area of ​​production and programming highlights, building support industry since the 57% of the resources allocated by the ANTV were intended for producers in the region for high quality productions, which they were reflected in the diversification of contents of the programming grid with Canal 577 chapters, distributed documentaries, microprogramas, Miniseries acquisition and transfer of allowances.

"In total daily emissions 18 hours of original programming, counting on average 90 programs, of which 52% the own production and 48% third is production of either regional or national origin. Equally, It has been working on the balance programming Caldas, Risaralda and Quindio, decentralizing content and moving us to different municipalities in the coffee to cover events that are important to the coffee region ", He explained Giraldo Hincapie.

Investment Plan for this effect allowed Telecafé acquire equipment that allowed it to consolidate its operational capacity and advance technological development, ranging from equipment reportería, audio equipment, equipment for mobile units, equipment for studios and acquisition of a mobile power plant.

The maintenance plan ran stably and efficiently, such maintenance were performed according to schedules designed for this purpose in both transmission and emission, complying with the proposed goals and thus strengthening the care of equipment and systems for smooth operation and continuous operation in order to maintain excellent technical quality signals. From elsewhere, our coverage broadcast signal has been maintained, thanks to the good management of our network stations remain in service Transmission, provide such coverage to the analog signal 96.23% of the municipalities in the coffee.

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Telecafé closed with profits 2016