Telecafé desarrolló jornada de capacitación con los canales locales

During the meeting workshops with cameramen and journalists from some of the community channels operating in the Department of Caldas they were held.

In order to exchange experiences and know some of the audiovisual productions that are made on local television, Telecafé conducted the first training session with representatives of community channels, who knew the technological elements and production parameters of the main televising proposal of the Coffee.

Durante la jornada desarrollada en las instalaciones de Telecafé Manizales los asistentes recibieron capacitación de manejo de equipos de audio, Plans camera and lighting, like some basis of presentation and reportería.

The manager Telecafé Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie highlighted this first project that seeks to integrate local farmers to regional television.

"It's a project that had been contemplating for several years, we started with this first group of participants from municipalities as Supía, Marmato, Pennsylvania, Anserma among other locations, The result has been higher than expected, we reiterate that Telecafé is the home of all and they only see them as competition are great allies for us ", He said the official.

In the coming days we will continue with this first stage of integration of local channels in the departments of Risaralda and Quindio.

Telecafé developed training session with local channels