Telecafé, Discovery Channel y Mintic estrenan el documental “Hecho en Colombia: 100% conectados”

Coproduction which had an investment to 1200 million pesos and shows the challenges to bring Internet access to remote areas in Colombia, se estrenará en las pantallas del Canal Telecafé el próximo 28 January at three p.m..

“Para nosotros fue una importante oportunidad que además de la transferencia de conocimiento con esta reconocida cadena, shows the strengths we have; Special thanks confidence Minister David Luna to support this project and obviously the production of Telecafé ", said the manager, Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie.

According to what reported by the coordinator of Production and Programming Telecafé, Ana Milena Alzate, "The documentary shows the commitment to provide Internet by the government to residents of places like Puerto Carreno, Puerto Inírida y Leticia. La historia visibiliza el montaje técnico y los beneficios de estas comunidades al tener conectividad”.

“Made in Colombia: 100% connected”, also it is transmitted by the network of public channels, Signal Colombia and obviously Discovery Channel.

In turn Daniela Hincapié, Channel content producer at the headquarters of Pereira, calificó la experiencia de haber hecho parte de la producción como una maravillosa oportunidad de crecimiento profesional y personal.

"It's a field that allowed me to expand knowledge since the work was in the jungle directly and permeate that culture was wonderful; We perceive the expectation of these indigenous peoples to know the advantages of having Internet connectivity; you really have to see it because it is very nice work that is being done to give people in remote places those things that we enjoyed for so long ", he explained.

In the documentary General Ricardo Gómez Nieto, Army commander also highlighted the commitment of troops to bring progress to the country's diverse populations.

Telecafé currently has underway with support from other production Mintic highlighting the creativity and ingenuity of Colombian inventors, which will be premiering soon on the screens of Channel Expression of Us.

Telecafé, Discovery Channel premiered the documentary and Mintic “Made in Colombia: 100% connected”