Telecafé es mundial, el programa que lo mantendrá al día con la información de Rusia 2018

Under the direction and driving Mario Cesar Otálvaro, this Thursday 14 June reaches the screens is Telecafé World.

The renowned journalist will also accompany the key informant Gabriel Fernando Cardenas and Victor Eduardo Pérez.

According to Harvey mentioned by Juan Gutiérrez, Telecafé sports journalist and who will be part of the program, "Viewers will enjoy the highlight of the world every day from four in the afternoon and repeat the nine p.m., after Telecafé News.

The program will air as the orbital rendezvous develops and will feature special reports and celebration of Colombian hincada from the cities and municipalities in the coffee.

With reports from Russia of Manizales journalist, Jorge William Sanchez, the report in full detail networks and alignments, results and standings, Telecafé show how the globalist party lives from the Coffee

"We'll have special guests such as technical, exfutbolistas and have arranged everything for viewers to connect with our Canal, so the invitation is to see for Telecafé as we enjoyed in the region of this great event ", Gloria highlighted Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie, Telecafé manager.

Telecafé is global, the program will keep you updated with information from Russia 2018