Telecafé es una empresa sólida y financieramente viable

At a press conference held in the city of Pereira, the media manager Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie said that sales were up services 30.5%, thanks to the new line of business, logistics center operation means, passing $1.753 million in July 2016 a $2,288 million to July 2017.

According to the report submitted by the financial area projecting utilities December 31 from 2017 approximately 500 millions of pesos, once it becomes effective investment in technology infrastructure, FONTV resources financed and executed all contracts logistics operation interadministrativos.

For the second half, They will have signed contracts higher 5.000 million pesos that greatly increase sales; It is no secret the difficulties of the sector nationwide. Remember that when we reached the management data Canal had almost 800 million loss and close the 2016 with 390 million profit, after three years of a negative outlook. The financial year so far this year compared to the previous is the same, in June 2016 we recorded losses, but again as we close with gains projected we will be the 2017 ", The official highlighted.


The same manager gave new details about the co-production with Discovery Channel documentary highlighting that funded MINTIC show the challenges to bring Internet to towns such as Puerto Inirida, Puerto Carreño and Chocó.

"It will be a great opportunity to continue to show the ability to Telecafé, para acompañar la realización de este tipo de producciones y como gran aliado de las mejores cadenas internacionales, which leaves us excellent links, economic returns and knowledge transfer ", He said.

In supporting producers in the region, Giraldo Hincapie noted that so far this year has allocated more than 1300 million pesos in public invitations as building industry.

"Right now you are inviting you production houses in the region to submit proposed to carry out a cultural program in the coffee field for which was allocated 69 million pesos for a product 35 chapters ".

Regional talent

A press conference was also attended by brothers Quiroz, jóvenes productores risaraldenses que trabajan en la coproducción “El Siguiente Comediante” para Telecafé, la cual ya fue invitada al Festival de Cannes; Rafael Poveda journalist who said that his link with the Channel carries more than eight years and currently performs a production that highlights the best of the coffee talent nationally and humorist Juan Ricardo Lozano, "Alert", who works in an exclusive project for the Regional Canal with local talent which aims to show all the coffee artists on the international scene.

the Data: El incremento de las transferencias a Telecafé para el 2017 was the 31% thanks to good management that have given resources from the National Television Authority with content, infrastructure and the financial year.


Telecafé is a solid company financially viable