Telecafé inicia el 2018 con contratos interadministrativos que superan los 30 mil millones de pesos

This is one of the events that were presented during the first governing board of the Canal by the manager of the organization held in Pereira.

According to Beatriz Giraldo expressed by Gloria Hincapie, "So far this 2018 They have signed contracts 31.179 million and there are expectations of reaching similar agreements 20 additional billion with other entities ".

In the same report the official unveiled the budget allocated by the Fund for the Development of Television and Content of the National Television Authority that reaches 9.365 millions of pesos.

"These resources will be allocated mainly to investment in technological infrastructure, production, programming and promotion of industry and research content and audiences in the television sector ", He highlighted the Manager.

En la junta se realizó un balance de logrado por el Canal durante el año 2017, highlighting the financial report due to changes made to the Statutes of Telecafé, new activities included in its corporate purpose, logistics center operation media became more sources representing income.

"During the second half of 2017, contracts were signed worth 26.613 millions, of which 1.955 They were real incomes Channel, allowing happen to positive results in the financial statements at the end of 2017 ", Jorge Enrique Calderon explained, Telecafé financial coordinator.

In the production issues were highlighted records hearing that place the media as one of the major television deals in the region according to studies of firms Brief Media, Ibope and EGM.

Meanwhile for the delegate of the Government of Risaralda, Diana Cristina Hernandez highlighted the achievements of recent years Telecafé.

"It is noteworthy in 2017 a utility of 700 millions of pesos, the double that achieved in the year 2016, which means good administrative and financial management ", Hernandez said.

This position coincided with the Assessor's Office of the Governor of Quindio and representative to the board, Jorge Urrea, ”estamos gratamente sorprendidos con los resultados que se están dando y aplaudimos l modificación de la parrilla de programación para el 2018, as we see a relevant proposal with information blocks that actually make up the region; in terms of programming it is that we see reflected in the street and that is what ought to be public television as this generates a social revenue over the financial " .

Deputy Governor of Caldas, Veronica Llamosa also coincided with positive management to face the current Channel Manager, "It is a very positive considering the dwindling resources of regional channels, We are quite calm figures do not lie and shows that they have made judicious exercise and obviously meets the expectations of the governorates.

At the first meeting of the year Telecafé 2018 also they attended the delegate of Mintic, Carol Talero; the governor of Risaralda encardo, Leonardo Antonio Ramirez; INFIDER manager, Sergio Trejos; Infi-Manizales, Mauricio Andres Grisales and the delegate of the University of Quindio, Andrés Mauricio Hernández

Given: The approved budget for the duration 2017, it was of 15.467 million and the launch of new business lines, the budget was added in 26.865 millions, to end the year with a budget of $42.332 millions.

Telecafé starts 2018 with contracts exceeding interadministrativos 30 billion pesos