Telecafé muestra resultados ante la Asamblea de Risaralda

Telecafé income went from 13.732 million 2014 a 25.009 million in the 2017. This was one of the main results shown in the report submitted by the manager of Canal Telecafé, Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie, the deputies of the Assembly of Risaralda.

During the report also noted that for the 2018 They are projected revenues 27.610 millions of pesos.

In the same Plenary inclusion highlighted in Directv, three national journalism awards, 27 nominations and awards TV y Novelas uptick in sales.

Telecafé awards were the journalistic field 15 May 2018 by Week - Argos Group, the country counted from the regions. El Canal Telecafé ganó en la categoría “Mejor Reportaje Para Televisión con la obra “El Congal, guerreros sin armas”. This same proposal the National Journalism Prize City of Manizales Orlando Sierra Hernández also took in November 2017, News Telecafé also won the National Journalism Award Fasecolda with a special report called The black market in the sale of SOAT.

"Thanks to the new line of business, the support of the ANTV and MINTIC, It was achieved for the 2017 a utility of 864 millions of pesos, allowing financial stability at the Bank, after several years of loss. For him 2018 a utility of projecting $378 millions", Duma stressed to the manager.

According to the official resources allocated by the ANTV for investment in technological infrastructure amounting to 2.800 millions, allowing progress in the consolidation of modernization and development of the technological infrastructure for the year 2018, with the acquisition of systems that strengthen the operation of the Canal at the production level, postproduction, broadcasting and transmission of its audiovisual content in HD.


For the deputy, Durguez Espinosa, Forwarded by the current manager is noteworthy Telecafé, taking into account the cost so high that assumes Telecafé and television in general technological depreciation that occurs every year, also it managed to overcome the financial deficit which presented the company at year-end 2015.

In turn, the deputy Fernan Caicedo said Telecafé programming and in your grill are African content and social inclusion.

Meanwhile Deputy Mario Marin motivated debate on the social role of public television and expressed his disagreement with the content produced on private television and disqualifying the Risaralda women and the political class in the region.

In the report also showed that Telecafé 26% resources were allocated to public calls, for the production of documentaries; value reaches 1.717 millions of pesos, intended for producers in the region.

Telecafé shows results to the Assembly of Risaralda