Telecafé, nominado a los Premios Fasecolda al Periodismo de Seguros 2017

black market sale of SOAT, was the report with the journalist Carlos Aguirre excelled in the television category.

The news was issued last 5 October, in this special report it will be referred to the fraud with insurance companies nationwide by the phenomenon of false SOAT, donde se hizo el ejercicio con algunos tramitadores de la ciudad de Manizales para evidenciar la diferencia entre un SOAT verdadero y uno de imitación.

"For both the Canal and for me is already a major achievement, It is the first time we are nominated for these awards, They were selected 36 jobs and then it passed to a second phase where only are chosen preselection 3 and among those projects it was ours ", dijo el periodista Carlos Aguirre.

Fasecolda awards in the insightful and tireless journalists will be awarded, to deepen and analyze the facts and relate events, celebrating the work of those journalists who are committed to the quality of information to tell Colombians risks they face daily and the alternatives that exist to address them.

"The information in this note was handled in a very educational and explicitly, so that viewers understand what are the points that should be outstanding in identifying a SOAT, bringing us hope the prize since it was a work of the whole team ", expresó la directora de Telecafé Noticias, Johanna Molano.

The award ceremony will be in the city of Bogotá.

Telecafé, Fasecolda nominated Insurance Journalism Awards 2017