Telecafé, pre nominado a los TV y Novelas 2017

Channel productions different position themselves as the favorites of viewers.

Telecafé consolidates the Canal every day as an alternative to public television with a clear focus on entertainment, varieties and fun, not only for the citizens of the coffee region of Colombia but for the rest of the country and the world.

This time some of the programs "anchor" pre Telecafé are nominated in different categories, thanks to the application made by viewers and readers of the renowned magazine TV y Novelas, which annually awards the best productions of national and regional channels.

The manager Telecafé, Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie, invited viewers to vote for their favorite programs in the call.

"First of all it is a great pride for us to have more of the pre productions nominated in this important call, That speaks to the quality of our content and talent of our channel, the second is to invite them to vote and choose our productions as preferred public ", said Giraldo Hincapie.

Telecafé pre nominees programs are Top Axis, Area 53, Hello Axis, the Yipao, In the kitchen, Ideal space, My workshop, Ramon de mi Tierra and Serenata Coffee.

Through the following link people can enter and make your vote:

Telecafé, pre nominated TVyNovelas 2017