Telecafé prepara nuevos estrenos

The Regional channel continues strengthening its contents with new bets in the genre of fiction.

That launches Screened in the coming days and will be on screens are Telecafé, Purple heart, This is the story of Giraldo Violeta Vallejo, a young woman who has discovered dance in her reason be, but it will face before the challenges imposed his family, in special Rosario, his mother, a severe and demanding woman, you want your daughter continue with the family business. Violet inspired by the poetry of Carmelina copse, is the key to confront and move forward with their dreams, will start next 12 of March.

Another premieres It is expected, Peruco: Pedro Patiño, "Peruco" is a young man 22 years with a hidden passion for football only his grandfather could understand, in late February 1948, Her best friend discovers a notebook that stores information of the region chulavitas old Caldas, why it is missing. I Peruco challenging the political most powerful of the flourishing city of Pereira, manages to discover the guilty of the great wave of violence lived in that region and join two games radically opposed political to play football on a single computer, what else later become the eleventh of a city called The Pearl Otún. its Release is scheduled for April.

Die of love the series is being projected at the moment and It tells the story of Luis Eduardo and Leonardo, a couple living their love regardless of the economic difficulties, social and labor they encounter. They are happy in their own way. The chaos It begins when Luis learns that Leonardo is a drug dealer and is infected with HIV virus. Luis internal conflict does react Leonardo hostile manner and try to find his family who reject for their sexual orientation. Luis comes into depression and life takes off, creating a chain reaction in the feelings of Leonardo, his family and acquaintances to him. It is emitted from the past 08 February and will end this 01 from March to the 10:30 on Friday nights.

Eureka, Technology has come ", It is a dramatic series that we can count on 5 chapters, a story of inspiration, adaptation, adventure and friendship through the eyes of its protagonists, mother, Julieta, Sebastian and Luis, Elementary students from the school in the village. Everyone characterized by their adventurous spirit and the deep roots they feel the place where they live and nature, to the arrival of your internet trail, It gives them a new world view. It's a children's series and initiates this 03 March and Sunday will be screened at nine morning.

Telecafé prepares new releases