Telecafé Recertificado en Responsabilidad Social

With this certification the Telecafé Canal has become the only means of the coffee region to meet standards related to environmental care.

The Fenalco Solidario corporation has recertified the Canal Telecafé as the only means of communication departments of the Coffee by its commitments in the implementation of campaigns aimed at protecting the environment.

One of the main achievements of the Canal on social responsibility is associated with the proper use of energy resources, through the creation of institutional messages and training both employees and viewers give proper value to the initiative.

The manager Telecafé, Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie, joyfully he received this recognition, keeping firm intended to continue implementing campaigns aimed at protecting the environment.

"A very special thanks to Fenalco, its directives, This is a commitment that has had management and its board Telecafé, we want to encourage other companies to be linked to this program, We are delighted to remain one of the few media in the country certified in the subject and most importantly consolidate us as an example for other companies wishing to enter the region to participate in this proposal ", said Giraldo Hincapie.

Vale la pena destacar que obtener el Certificado en Responsabilidad Social es la ratificación de un compromiso de las empresas con la sociedad y el planeta, a clear sign that in Telecafé think about the care of natural resources.


Recertified Telecafé Social Responsibility