Telecafé se vincula con las fiestas de Dosquebradas

The Regional Channel Telecafé informs public opinion and especially the inhabitants of the municipality of Dosquebradas that:

-. In order to contribute to the Party of Progress and the anniversary celebration 45 Industrial Municipality has decided to be part of such programming.

-. The media has made efforts to bring about major artists from the region and a leading figure in the popular genre recognized nationally.

-. Telecafé managed to make the presentation of Dora Libya; May Vargas, program participant music to another level of Canal Caracol; reggaeton duo Pyem which is part Felipe Muñoz, son of the renowned singer Luisito Muñoz; Juank Indigos and orchestras of tropical music and parrandera.

-. Telecafé talent also part of the event will start from the 3:30 p. m. until 6:30 p. m., next Sunday 03 from December to 2017 on the street 21 with race 16, La Pradera and transmission industry will be live.

-. The Canal made the necessary efforts for submission of Yeison Jiménez, but scheduling commitments made impossible their participation. This means of communication regrets the expectation caused in advertising of the Festival with the presentation Progress, However, clarifies that the event has never been canceled and is guaranteed because of the quality of the artists scheduled to carry the same.

-. The activity is open to the general public and social contribution of Canal Telecafé and promoting healthy fun.

Telecafé is linked to the celebrations of Dosquebradas