Telecafé sigue reportando utilidades en su nueva línea de negocio

El Canal en menos de seis meses de implementada la nueva línea de negocio, donde puede funcionar como operador logístico, media hub and controller project has achieved agreements exceeding $ 2545 millions.

Among the agreements include contracts with the Employment Service Unit, The National Security Agency and the Government of Caldas, among others.

The Board of Directors held in Manizales presence and where did the governors of Caldas, Quindio, Risaralda, Risaralda financial institutes and Manizales, el delegado de la Universidad del Quindío, representatives of the National Authority for Television and Mintic, se destacó el incremento en ventas entre los años 2016 Y 2017 of the 12,43%.

For the Governor of Caldas, Guido Echeverri Piedrahita, Telecafé remains the main integration tool and the media shows good management by the current manager Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie.

"It leaves us satisfied the management report, el Canal ha tenido este año un buen comportamiento, It has been doing good job and I hope the handling of Telecafé remain in the nature of an industrial and commercial state company to serve as the middle and get great articulator audicencias to have a better future ", Echeverri said Piedrahita.

According to the financial report, The company passed $ 7666 million 2016 To over $10.711 million 2017, achieving an increase of 40% of the funds transferred by the ANTV.

For Governor of Risaralda, Sigifredo Salazar Osorio es óptimo que el Canal haya superado un deficit financiero y bajo la actual gestión esté reportando utilidades.

"We will facilitate the Casa de Risaralda to Telecafé in Bogotá to open an office in this city and that has been an important factor for doing business that have left exedentes the media", Salazar said Osorio.

The report presented to the Board, Channel manager, Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie, resaltó la inversión en infraestructura tecnologica representada en la adquisición de equipos de producción, emission centers, and update technology for $3.950 millions.

In turn, the governor of Quindio, Father Carlos Eduardo Osorio Buritica, He stressed that the processes underway in the Canal are made in consensus to seek the common good of the three departments representing the Golden Triangle of Colombia.

Another important news was announced was the co-production agreement MINTIC - DISCOVERY CHANNEL and Telecafé by $1200 millions, siendo este medio de comunicación el único canal regional a la fecha con un convenio internacional.

Telecafé continues to report profits in its new line of business