Telecafé tiene nueva directora de Noticias

This is Olga Lucia Caro Valencia, who has served as a journalist in RCN Radio Pereira and Bogotá, besides having been part of the journalistic team of CM&.

Valencia expensive first began work last August and coordinate the information system Telecafé News, The main news in the coffee in Television.

The new news director took office left by Johana Marcela Molano, who made the decision to take on new personal and professional challenges outside Colombia.

The manager Telecafé, Gloria Beatriz Giraldo Hincapie, recognized the work done by Molano, since her during his address, Telecafé Noticias logró el premio nacional de Periodismo de Fasecolda por un informe realizado por el periodista Carlos Aguirre sobre el mercado negro en la venta del soat pirata.

Likewise Directive highlighted the youth and journey of the new director of news and what your work in large national media can bring you the information system Telecafé.

Telecafé has new director of News